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Ellen Bari Fitness Programs

Ellen Bari Fitness provides customized workout and fitness sessions to individuals and couples virtual or in-home personal training. Ellen Bari is a certified Master Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist in the Philadelphia metro area. Her focus is working with women and men age 50+ who want to get in shape, lose weight, and improve overall health and wellness.

Ellen Bari works with all fitness intensities from low impact to high impact. Depending on your needs, a custom training program will be created exclusively to achieve your goals.

Corrective Exercise

You might have heard about personal training, but what about corrective exercise? Ellen Bari isn’t just your average Blue Bell personal trainer, as she is also an ISSA-certified corrective exercise specialist. She helps people with prior injuries to manage pain and maintain optimal mobility. With years of experience, she has worked with clients with multiple mobility issues, including joint and cervical injuries, peripheral neuropathy, and edema.

Nutrition Counseling

The food you eat is what fuels your body for movement. That is why healthy eating choices are just as important as exercise. Being a certified nutrition consultant by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), Ellen Bari is an advocate of healthy lifestyles. You will be guided to smart food choices, with a focus on clean eating and portion control. With Ellen’s guidance on diet and food choices, you can be equipped with powerful knowledge that will enable you to achieve your health goals in no time.

SilverSneakers Flex Classes

Fitness doesn’t need to stop with age. The SilverSneakers program offers senior fitness classes that are thoroughly curated for clients aged 65 years and older. If you are a member of the SilverSneakers program, which you can acquire through your insurance plan, Ellen Bari is the perfect guide for you.

Group Fitness Instruction

The more, the merrier—even in fitness classes! An ISSA-certified group fitness instructor, Ellen carefully plans safe and effective exercise group sessions and professionally leads the group in achieving their fitness goals. At Ellen Bari Fitness, we offer semi-private lessons ideal for couples and group sessions offered to groups of three to five people. We can also accommodate groups of as many as fifteen people, such as for corporate events and business occasions.

Personal Training

No two individuals have the same fitness needs and goals. And Ellen Bari understands that. An ISSA-certified master personal trainer, Ellen specializes in helping you achieve your fitness goals through a workout program that’s specially crafted for you. She designs private one-on-one classes based on your assessed needs and fitness goals. At Ellen Bari Fitness, we train you in your own home or virtually and using your own equipment or ours—whichever is more convenient for you.