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Group Fitness Instruction

Group Fitness Instruction Program

The more, the merrier—even in fitness classes! An ISSA-certified group fitness instructor, Ellen Bari teaches, motivates, and helps people to be the best version of themselves. She carefully plans safe and effective exercise group sessions and professionally leads the group in achieving their fitness goals.

At Ellen Bari Fitness, we offer not only private, one-on-one workout training but also semi-private and group sessions. Our semi-private lessons are designed for couples, while our group sessions are offered to groups of three to five people. We can also accommodate groups of as many as fifteen people, such as for corporate events and business occasions.

Group exercise sessions include full assessments, such as BMI calibration, professional measurement of all body parts, and weight measurement (optional). The safe and effective workout group routines range from cardiovascular exercises and stretching to strength and HIIT training.

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