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SilverSneakers Program

Fitness doesn’t need to stop with age.

The SilverSneakers program offers senior fitness classes that are thoroughly curated for clients aged 65 years and older. If you are a member of the SilverSneakers program, which you can acquire through your insurance plan, Ellen Bari is the perfect guide for you.

Under the SilverSneakers program, Ellen Bari Fitness can host exercise routines at independent living facilities for group sessions. This allows our beloved seniors to build their strength, improve their balance, enhance their flexibility, and level up their endurance. Aside from certifications that prove her competence, Ellen also possesses excellent communication skills that empower her to communicate with people of different ages, including older clients. She makes sure workouts and exercises are both fun and challenging!

Important: Prior to hosting, SilverSneakers program sessions must be cleared by both the facility and Ellen Bari Fitness.

Program Pricing