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How to Boost Your Metabolism Over age 40

After 50, it can be harder to lose weight and keep your metabolism going. It’s not impossible, but you have to work a little harder than when you were younger.

Ellen Bari Fitness is so excited to be quoted in Women’s Health magazine. According to Experts, the article, 20 Ways to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss After 40, written by Jasmine Gomez and Sarah Felbin discusses how to kick start your metabolism and begin to lose those unwanted extra pounds.

The article talks about why it’s difficult to lose weight in your 40s and on, how menopause can slow down your metabolism, and how important it is to add superfoods to your daily diet.

The article gives you 20 tips for losing weight after 40, what foods to avoid, and how daily movement and exercise will keep you healthy.

Directly from the article in Women’s Health Magazine

. If you’re starting from scratch, work your way up. Ready to build a new fitness routine but not sure where to start? There are plenty of ways to get moving at home, says Ellen Regenbogen of Ellen Bari Fitness, a certified master trainer.

“You can actually do some cardio in place,” she says, like jogging in place, sidestepping, or doing jumping jacks. Or grab some water bottles and try a few biceps curls.

“You can do some arm circles,” she adds, “you can sit on a chair, and you can do extensions.” And don’t worry about trying to do everything at once: “It’s just making that first step,” Regenbogen says.

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